Biological wastewater treatment plant DAGAS BIO

For facilities with various business profiles: public utility, chemical, oil refining, painting, cokery plants, printing and food facilities, etc. the company Dagas offers a biological wastewater treatment plant DAGAS BIO. That solution takes advantage of a so-called biological conveyor and is based on biocoenosis.

Biological wastewater treatment plant DAGAS BIO is composed of a joint line of anaerobic, aerobic and anoxic bioreactors, equipped with adequate fibrous conveyors with large open surfaces, where adequate biocoenosis is located. Each aerobic and anoxic biore­actor is in addition equipped with a valve connected to a blower transporting the air. At the beginning of the treatment process, starting from the side of sewage intake there are a minimum of three anaerobic biore­actors followed by aerobic and anoxic bioreactors, all of them amounting to at least four pairs.

In anaerobic bioreactors the fibrous conveyors hold anaerobic bacteria which are selected from a group of such bacteria as fermented, hydrolytic, denitrifying, reducing sulphates, heliogens and methanogens; in aerobic bioreactors – the organisms are selected from a group encompassing aerobic bacteria, protozoa, rotifers, crustacean, filter feeders, predators and fish; in anoxic bioreactors – bacteria are selected from a group of anaerobic ammonia oxidation such as Anammox, microorganisms reducing the ions of heavy metals, iron and arthrobacter. The process of biological wastewater treatment DAGAS BIO is conducted continuously without the retraction of activated sludge. The issue of sediment recirculation is non-existent and the technology significantly diminishes the amount of the excess activated sludge.


  • Ten times less biomass in the treatment process.
  • Four times smaller the volume of the bioreactors.
  • Four times smaller the area of the treatment plant.
  • Five times smaller the electric energy consumption.
  • Costs of the waste logistics are limited to a minimum.
  • Four times lower the costs of the construction of a wastewater treatment plant.
  • Lack of activated sludge recirculation, one-direction constant process.
  • Applicable to all types of sewage, including industrial and highly toxic such as sewage with dissolved organic substances, including xenobiotics.

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