Anti-reflective glass production technology

Technical features:

DAGlass is a manufacturer of anti-reflective glass for PV panels, solar thermal collectors and greenhouses. The glass is very
durable against external conditions, the surface is etched, not coated (no risk of delamination like in case of sol-gel technology). Anti-reflective glass increases the efficiency of solar devices due to elevated light transmission (it minimizes light reflection from the glass surface thus increases energy output).

Anti-reflective glass produced using the technology of D.A. Glass Company is a solution distinguished by high durability of coatings. Specifically, the surface of the glass is not covered by an anti-reflective coating, but it is modified chemically. Thus, in contrast to an anti-reflective coating, the layer which forms on the glass cannot be easily removed mechanically, since it constitutes its integral part. Moreover, this layer has self-cleaning properties, since pollutants are spontaneously removed by the wind and rain. In addition, the anti-reflective layer manufactured using D.A. Glass technology is characterised by the highest transmittance for the wavelength at which the semiconductor has the highest conversion factor.
At present, the manufacture of anti-reflective glass using a technology to chemically modify its surface is being implemented at a factory of D.A. Glass America Inc. and in Poland. Both in Poland and in Europe, this is a highly competitive solution, with a resilient and effective anti-reflective layer; in addition, it meets all the very demanding environmental regulations in effect
in the USA.
Advantages of the technology:

  • Efficiency of photovoltaic panels enhanced by about 4%.
  • Reduced light reflection, allowing for over 90% transmission.
  • Electricity generation using photovoltaic panels enhanced 4.4 to 6W
    per 1m2 of panel surface.
  • Capacity of solar collectors enhanced by about 8%, as confirmed by testing.
  • A simple production process, consuming less energy and environmentally
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