Technology of production of ashes and slug mixes FLUMIX

Technical features:

The FLUMIX mixer processes production waste from metallurgical processes (slag), fly ash and lime dust into good-quality construction materials – cement and cement-based mortars. Compared with competitors we offer capacity of the order of 40-80 t/h with much lower energy consumption. Our unit is also distinguished by its mobility, as installations can be moved to any selected site within one day and the entire technology can be accommodated into two standard containers.

The FLUMIX technology is used in the construction and road building industries and in the production of cement and mortars based on cement, fly ash and lime dust. The solution manufactured by the Company Biko-Serwis Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. is a complete technology, which operates in the automatic mode, with integrated visualisation and the feature of a possible smooth change in composition. The key part of the technology is a fluidised mixer which achieves a perfect homogenisation effect without any moving elements. In addition, the mixer is a highly productive unit with low energy intensity, distinguished by its energy demand which is even 20 times lower than that of competing solutions. In addition, the unit is mobile and the installation can be moved to any selected site within one day. The whole installation occupies the space of just two standard containers.

Advantages of the technology:

  • 20 times lower production cost as a result of the use of a fluidised mixer.
  • A fully automatic process.
  • Mobility – the installation can be moved to another site within one day and the whole of equipment can be permanently kept in two containers which are easy to transport.
  • Economy of space – the FLUMIX technology makes production buildings redundant.
  • The high quality of the final product – ensured by accurate dosing, effective mixing and additional pulverisation of the material in order to avoid caking.
  • Real-time production – silos for the final product become redundant, since the mixtures are produced in a continuous manner, with large productivity, and are loaded directly into the customer’s tankers.

The FLUMIX technology emerged as result of own research and development work on the behaviour of loose materials carried out in cooperation with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. It should be mentioned that an application has been filed for the patent protection of the unit in Poland.

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