Systems of water ozonation technology

Technical features:

Treating water for all branches of industry with the use of ozone and quartz filtration is a simple, ecological and safe way of obtaining the highest quality water possible.

Wofil installations are fully computerised and monitored over the Internet. This allows then to be installed anywhere on earth, as well as ensuring customer satisfaction and a rapid service response.

WOFIL offers technologically advanced water treatment systems using ozone technology and free radicals, without the need to apply artificial chemical substances such as chlorine, coagulants or potassium permanganate. The technology is completely safe, environmentally friendly, and based fully on processes occurring in nature. The only difference is that ozoning processes take place much faster and can be fully controlled. The universality of the technological solutions allows the technology to be used in many branches of industry, such as in drinking water production for municipal water systems, bottled water and beverages, as well as in producing water for cooling applications in the energy industry. The ozoning technology is also used in washing and disinfection of bottles and packaging, as well as in the washing and disinfection of fruits, vegetables and meats, and also in pools and spas. WOFIL installations are fully computerised and monitored over the Internet, which allows them to be installed anywhere on earth as well as ensuring customer satisfaction and a rapid service response. By dividing the installation into modules of technological sequences, the producer guarantees the high reliability of the installation as well as uninterrupted operation during service inspections and repairs. Multi-block ozone generators used in the solution enable the alternating functioning of individual blocks, as well as the possibility of their expansion. WOFIL installations are characterised by ease of use and years of flawless functioning. The design foresees the possibility of working at 50% over capacity during periods of increased demand for water. In special cases the system can be overloaded to twice its capacity. Installations are prepared to process water of extremely negative parameters. In 12 years of operations the company has installed approx. 100 “ready to go” water treatment stations in Poland, as well as conducting activity on the Romanian and Ukrainian markets.

Advantages of the technology:

  • For assembly of a WOFIL installation or modernization of an existing water
    treatment station, only a small area is needed.
  • There is no need to employ a highly qualified technical crew to operate
    the system.
  • Minimization of the risk of production outages and lowering of operating
  • The work of one or several ozone generators enables its output to be
    adjusted to meet current needs as well as reduces wear and tear.
  • The technology and unit possess the appropriate permits, certificates and
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