SULTECH ® unique method for stabilising waste in polymer concrete

Charakterystyka technologii:

Effective waste disposal is much more than protection of the environment. Processing waste into useful products is a real art. The SULTECH® technology is a unique method for stabilising waste in polymer concrete.

In this way we keep a clean environment, while gaining an excellent thermoplastic material with unusual integrity and resistance to frost and very low absorption level.

PPUH MARBET-WIL Ltd offers original technical and technological patented solutions, allowing recovery of hazardous industrial waste containing heavy metals in solid form (powders, granules, etc.) by stabilisation using sulphur polymer in SULTECH® polymer concrete. This technology allows conversion of waste into useful products. The process of stabilisation and recovery of hazardous industrial waste for commercial use is particularly useful for stabilisation of waste containing heavy metals such as cadmium, chromium, barium salts, zinc, copper, calcium, iron, nickel, arsenic, manganese, lead, aluminium, magnesium, salts of other metals and ash from incinerating plants. Solidification of particularly hazardous waste containing heavy metals involves the use of polymer sulphur to create sulphides of these metals, which are insoluble in water.

The resulting SULTECH® polymer concrete containing waste is an inert and perfect thermoplastic material (which can be processed several times), which can be used to form a lot of very good products. Examples include drainage channels, NOE® flood boards, drainage chamber elements, pavement slabs, roads and motorway elements, railway system weights etc.

Korzyści z zastosowania technologii:

  • Very good mechanical properties (high compressive and bending strength),
    exceeding those of the corresponding Portland concrete.
  • Resistance to aggressive media including acids, salts, sea water, as well as
    integrity and frost resistance.
  • Very low water absorption.
  • Waste-free production.
  • Expansion coefficient comparable to concrete based on Portland cement.
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