Safe package Tank

Technical features:

Anyone who deals with the storage of liquid fuels, knows the risks and potential losses arising from operation of tanks. Losses can be reduced to a minimum, while ensuring safe use of the installation. The solution is air-tight sealing and protective devices, and a measuring and control system offered by Petroster Sp. j., which provides two-way system protection and its individual components can be mounted in any position.

The result: greater security for us and the environment around us.

Secure Tank Package is a system for reducing emission of liquid fuel vapours. It provides the necessary basis for the adjustment of tanks to comply with the legislation included in the regulation on the technical conditions on petrol stations and fuel depots. The package includes: an original measuring and control system, anti-overfill valve, breathing valve and a flame and explosion arrester. The structure of the valves and arresters is an original element the patented technology.
Petroster received from the Polish Patent Office utility model protection certificates for the respiratory and anti-overfill valves.

Advantages of the technology:

  • All elements have attestation and certificates required in Poland and
    the EU.
  • The offered technology allows the reduction of losses resulting from
    a lack of air-tight sealing of fuel systems.
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