Software supporting the optimization of utilities consumption

Technical features:

For all enterprises looking to lower and control their utilities costs (energy, heat, water, gas and others), we offer consultation services and comprehensive measurement and IT solutions assisting in lowering such costs. Unlike the competition, we are distinguished by our wealth of experience gained during the realization of over 100 projects, integration of metering equipment from different producers and different utilities, as well as advanced reporting and data analysis functionality.

ERCO.Net is an integrated system of registration and analysis designed to integrate with metering equipment for various utilities and of various sizes. It is an excellent tool for clients interested in systems that allow for monitoring and analysis of consumption of all energy utilities and primary physical values, as well as ensuring the proper functioning of the technological process. Created using modern metering and computer technologies, ERCO.Net enables the adaptation of particular functions to the client’s individual needs. It can also be a robust tool adapted to new, market-based rules for settlements with individual suppliers, as well as for the flow analysis and balancing of all energy carriers between individual organizational units (external, departments, buildings). ERCO.Net is also equipped with options for analysis, forecasting, planning and simulations.

NMG Sp. z o.o. is a leader in Poland in the delivery of professional IT systems supporting rational energy management in enterprises. Some of the largest firms in Poland use our services, such as: Carrefour Polska Sp. z o.o.; Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A.; Polfa Pabianice; Panasonic Energy Poland S.A.; TELEFONIKA Kable Sp. z o.o.; Unilever; Grupa Saint-Gobain, Grupa Sokołów S.A., and also such smelters and mills as Huta Będzin S.A. We are also present on the foreign market with our installation in Panasonic Energy Belgium S.A. (Belgium), which meters production equipment for energy use as well as modernized the metering and settlement infrastructure.

Advantages of the technology:

  • Multi-utility capacity – ERCO.Net assists in management of utilities
    (electrical energy, gas, water, heat, air and waste, and more), and can also
    track the functioning of the production process and monitor such
    parameters as temperature, pressure and humidity
  • Modularity – ERCO.Net allows the client to decide which modules of
    the system will be used. The application can combine metering data
    acquisition with complex analytical, forecasting, planning and simulation
  • Flexibility – by allowing for the free definition of tariffs and contracts,
    ERCO. Net is an excellent tool for conducting settlements with both
    suppliers and receivers.
  • Financial benefits – ERCO.Net enables reductions in energy utilities costs
    through comprehensive application of the aforementioned capabilities.
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