New website of GreenEvo Accelerator of Green Technologies

A totally new website dedicated to the“GreenEvo – the Accelerator of Green Technologies” programme has recently been created. The programme is an innovative project of the Ministry of Climate, supporting the development of Polish green technologies in and outside the country. 

The updates regarding the 8th edition of the programme as well as the list of winners of previous editions may be found at The documents that can be downloaded contain a detailed information leaflet with both the description of the mission, the vision of the programme as well as a detailed presentation of technologies provided by the winners. 

Modern solutions indicating market trends have also been described in section “Green technologies”. The website has a new, friendly graphic design – clear and intuitive tile system enabling the reader to obtain the information about the programme in a much faster and easier way. 

GreenEvo – the Accelerator of Green Technologies is an innovative project of the Ministry of Climate elaborated with a view to promote Polish green technologies and stimulate the development of companies in that field. The programme aims at supporting national companies engaged in the development of green technologies in entering the international markets and in promoting their products abroad. The programme has so far had seven editions in which a total of 74 solutions have been chosen to receive a governmental guarantee of quality and promotion. The support has been granted to technologies from various fields: waste management, water and sewage management, air quality protection, energy savings as well as renewable energy sources. In 2018 the achievements of the previous winners were verified and further support was granted to 34 technologies. December was the last month when the applications for the newest 8th edition of the green technologies  programme were accepted. The winners will be announced in March.

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