The modular filtration system SELOP FLOW

Technical features:

For industrial plants, water treatment plants or wastewater treatment plants which need an effective water or wastewater
treatment solution, we offer a modular filtration system SELOP FLOW. In contrast to traditional solutions, e.g. filtration drainage, we deliver a technology which ensures high-efficiency filter cleaning, reduces water consumption, does not require
maintenance and guarantees a long-term operation of filters.

The SELOP FLOW system is a modular and easy-to-assemble solution built from segments. Due to its compact size, the assembly of the system is not complicated. The technology ensures the optimum process of filtration and minimises water losses. Compared with the traditionally applied filtration drainage, there is no need for expensive and complicated replacement of used components. The solution enhances the operation efficiency of an installation and ensures the stability of its operation. The implementation of SELOP FLOW eliminates dead zones of the operation of a filter and reduces the costs of energy consumption needed for its application. It can successfully be applied in both recently built and modernised wastewater and water treatment plants.

The SELOP FLOW solution has a large network of satisfied customers who appreciate its productivity and reliable operation. In Poland, every day these systems filter more than 500,000 m3 of water. They meet the needs of both large industrial plants and small-scale operations.

Advantages of the technology:

  • A 7-fold increase in the efficiency of using the filter layer compared with
    classical solutions and an increase of up to one fourth compared with competing
  • 4 times lower consumption of water used for filter flushing compared with
    classical solutions and half as low consumption compared with competing
  • Low energy intensity of the process.
  • A short construction time.
  • Fully automated process.
  • Durability – up to 40 years of operation of the system.
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