Lucky thirteen of the GreenEvo project

As many as 13 most competitive, pro-ecological Polish technologies have become leaders in the GreenEvo project of Ministry of the Environment – Green Technology Accelerator. The leaders, rising stars and companies awarded in the GreenEvo project are, according to Ministry of the Environment, on their best way to international success in the battle for the innovative, green technology market.

After deliberations and having analysed the documentation, the Chapter of the GreenEvo project consisting of experts in the field of environment, finance and innovative technology, selected a group of the most competitive and innovative, pro-environmental Polish technologies. Solutions presented by the Polish companies represent a very broad spectrum including areas such as low-carbon and clean coal technologies, energy-saving solutions, renewable sources of energy, water and wastewater technologies and technologies which support waste management.
13 companies participating in the project have become the leaders of GreenEvo technologies. These are: Asket Roman Długi, Biogradex Holding Sp. z o.o., Ecotech Polska, Energoinstal S.A., Lediko Walendowski i Wilanowski, Sp. J, Marbet-Wil Sp. z o.o., Neon, Petroster, PP-Eko, Promar Sp z o.o., Sunex Sp. z o.o., Watt Sp. z o.o. and Wofil Robert Muszański.
Since autumn this year, those companies are going to participate in the international promotion of the GreenEvo project, and there is nothing to prevent their unlimited transfer. Starting from the ceremonial gala scheduled for September, these technologies together with the factual reports on the green technology market – the first ones to appear in Poland – will be passed on, through Polish agencies abroad, to all economic institutions in those regions around the world which are strategic in terms of export opportunities for green technologies.
– One of the most important objectives for Ministry of the Environment is to promote innovative solutions which provide realistic contribution to more efficient use of natural resources and the reduction of energy consumption and pollutant emissions, thus contributing significantly to improving the environment and the quality of our lives. Polish applications not only meet these requirements, but are also extremely competitive both in terms of prices and operating costs, which gives them an additional advantage – says the Minister of the Environment, Prof. Andrzej Kraszewski. – I am sure that the technologies awarded in our GreenEvo project have a chance to achieve international success, and our project will help them compete in this highly dynamic and promising market. Support for Polish green technologies is one of the main priorities of Ministry of the Environment.

Two companies have become the rising stars of GreenEvo, they are: Ekotop Roman Sobczyk, NPF Jacek Habryło. This means that they are in the “waiting room” of the project, and they still have to work hard to fully spread their green wings on global markets.
One technology, Alchemik company, has been additionally awarded in the GreenEvo competition. The remaining participants in the competition, i.e. twelve Polish technologies represented by the following companies: Biogas Zeneris Sp. z o.o.,, Eko-Pil Remigiusz Pilas, Elfran, Franciszek Ścisłowicz, Ensol i Energetyka Solarna Sp. z o.o., Fluid Kooperacja Sp. z o.o., Greenland Technologia EM sp. z o.o., Impuls, Biuro Projektów Koksoprojekt Sp z o.o, Pitern, Promos Sp z o.o., Zakład Ochrony Środowiska Superbos Sp. z o.o. continue to be under the umbrella of the project and can count on regular contacts with the project experts and support in their further development.
There are no losers in this project – stresses Agnieszka Kozłowska – Korbicz, the project coordinator from Ministry of the Environment. All the technologies involved in the project have come a long way, and all are better prepared to compete in the difficult green technology market. Starting as early as this autumn, we guarantee international promotion to those that managed to accelerate their development in the project the most.
Competitive Polish solutions – Ministry of the Environment reports
After the second stage, when representatives of the companies received certificates confirming that their technologies have qualified for the project, time came to verify and select the best solutions. Therefore, the solutions which were selected during the deliberations of the Chapter are those which will best represent Polish innovations in the scope of green technologies and be able to compete on the rapidly developing pro-ecological market. Special reports prepared by Ministry of the Environment are to constitute substantial factual support for the entrepreneurs. Ultimately, five reports are to be published under the GreenEvo programme:

  • Analysis of foreign markets in terms of GreenEvo technology areas
  • Analysis of foreign markets in terms of promotional opportunities
  • Analysis of the potential of environmental technologies in Poland.
  • Supporting tools and instruments for companies in foreign markets
  • Analysis of supporting instruments for companies in the Polish market

Green acceleration
Thanks to the GreenEvo platform, selected Polish companies could count on the consulting and training offer to enable their green technologies enter the international arena. Within the framework of the programme, 28 awarded companies received support which enables further, rapid development of unique pro-environmental solutions. The support included, among others: trainings in technology transfer, funding opportunities and strategies for marketing activities. The main objective was to choose appropriate tools for each individual participant.
The first edition of the GreenEvo project lasted 3.5 months. During its course, seven trainings were conducted, attended by eleven experts. Speakers trained nearly 160 people during 15 days.
The primary objective of the GreenEvo project – Green Technology Accelerator is to support the international activity of Polish pro-environmental technologies. GreenEvo also helps in the identification of favourable directions of international expansion for these technologies through reports and factual studies prepared under the project. Companies which offer them may, among other things, participate in foreign trade missions and make use of organizational support at international industrial fairs. They can also apply for funding to cover costs of these activities within the framework of available export supporting instruments offered by the Ministry of Economy, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
To ensure effective implementation of the project, Ministry of the Environment enlisted cooperation of other institutions, organizations and entities. During the implementation of the GreenEvo project, the Ministry cooperates with the departments of economy, foreign affairs, science and higher education, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and the Faculty of Management at University of Warsaw. The financing partner of the GreenEvo project implemented by Ministry of the Environment is the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.
For example, some selected entrepreneurs under the GreenEvo project had a chance to take part in the economic mission to China and events accompanying the EXPO 2010 exhibition in Shanghai. It was an opportunity to promote Polish technologies in the field of environmental protection, establish contacts with potential buyers and get acquainted with the specificity of the Asian business culture. During the mission representatives of the companies could count on full support from Ministry of the Environment and other state institutions. – We tried to make the GreenEvo project participants very well prepared in terms of factual knowledge. That’s why a detailed report on the situation in the green technology market in China, among other things, was prepared for the entrepreneurs – says Prof. Krzysztof Klincewicz, the coordinator of experts in the GreenEvo project, the Faculty of Management at University of Warsaw
Full list of participants and technologies selected for the project can be found on the project website at:

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