GreenEvo Winners go to Australia

5 GreenEvo Winners, led by Beata Jaczewska, Under-Secretary of State at Ministry of the Environment, went to Australia. It was the last trade mission this year. And, as we may say, ‘last but not least’ – it was the first such visit for the last 20 years.

During the mission, Ms Jaczewska met with many representatives of Quensland Government, incl. Mr Andrew Powell – Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection, Mr Mark McArdle – Minister for Energy and Water Supply, Mr Ian Walker – Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts. She also held a meeting with Ms Fiona Simpson, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland. The main subject of those meeting was Australian economic and environmental realities, and opportunities for Polish-Australian business co-operation in the area of green industry. What is more, Ms Jaczewska visited also the Brisbane townhall, where she was hosted by Mr Graham Quirk, the Mayor of Brisbane. In addition, she visited local universities, including Griffith University, University of Queensland and Quensland University of Technology. During the meetings potential R&D co-operation was discussed.

Madame Minister was also hosted by the representatives of Polish minority in Australia. Accompanied by Mr Paweł Milewski – Ambassador of Poland, Mr Marek Kijewski – Economic Counsellor, and Mr Brian Kilmartin – Honorary Consul of Poland, she was invited to attend a Christmas carols rehearsal and sightsee a 100-year-old archives of the club.
The main point of the agenda was Polish-Australian conference and business forum. Many Australian guests appeared, representing world of business and investments, as well as universities and institutions, incl. Queensland Department for Promotion of Commerce and Investments , and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. The conference was presided by Mr Brian Kilmartin. The opening speech was delivered by Mr Paweł Milewski, who highlighted the importance of the visit for bilateral relations. Ms Jaczewska, who took the floor afterwards, spoke about the significance of the green technology transfer. Ms Agnieszka Kozłowska-Korbicz, Head of the GreenEvo project, was next. She presented the project, as well as its successes. Presentations of the GreenEvo Winners followed: Makroterm Agata I Krzysztof Wąchała, Energetyka SOlarna Ensol, Energo Natura, M3System and Dagas.
According to the analyses, the Australian market of eco-friendly solutions is characterised by enormous potential for growth. Recently, Australia has been actively supporting spread of good practices, as well as technologies in the filed of water management and reduction of CO2 emissions. Increasing energy efficiency in coal industry is also of vital importance. In addition, innovative technologies in areas of renewable energy sources and water treatment are also sought-after.
Australia is a very friendly and interesting market. It is the market which is not only searching for green technologies, but also supporting their development and implementation financially. Thus, Polish-Australian cooperation will be developed in the next years. GreenEvo project and its Winners will surely come back and explore more and more Australian cities.

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