GreenEvo – the Accelerator of Green Technologies and local and global climate challenges

COP25 in Madrid, the adoption of the Green Deal for Europe, bad air quality – these and many other facts regularly put the issue of climate change and the necessity to stop them in the heart of discussions. In this respect green technologies and initiatives supporting these technologies such as the GreenEvo programme launched by the Ministry of Climate are very valuable and important. 

Climate change and the rise of greenhouse gas emissions which is at the root of these environmental changes constitute at present the main challenge for governments and societies. Poland must also face them while keeping balance between the priorities of the national economy and the fulfillment of obligations towards the environment for the sake of global climate and the fate of future generations. It is not an easy task but may have a positive outcome if all actions are undertaken comprehensively.

The actions aiming at protecting the environment – including the climate – will be effective only if large investments and governmental programmes are accompanied by measures undertaken on other levels, often individual and of smaller scale, such as in particular the development of Polish green technologies sector and the necessity for its development, which in fact means supporting companies delivering suitable solutions, promoting them and convincing the end-customers that they are worth using.

In this respect the GreenEvo – the Accelerator of Green Technologies has a major role to play. It is a project of the Ministry of Climate, innovative in its formula, which aims at searching and promoting the best environmentally friendly Polish technologies. As of the launch of the programme in 2009 74 innovative technologies “made in Poland” have received support in the form of professional workshops and the opportunity to participate in economic missions. They constitute a response to the most important challenges and the most urgent needs with respect to environment protection and circular economy. As an example more than 20 out of 34 technologies awarded in the 7th edition of the GreenEvo programme helps to protect the environment. These solutions focus on energy savings, air protection and RES, which are successfully operating in Poland and abroad. The 8th GreenEvo edition, the recruitment for which was closed in December 2019 is the first edition comprising such new technologies as electromobility with respect to “low-emission transport, electrical vehicles and energy storage”.

The idea of the programme is to support already verified and operating solutions from the “green” sector – accelerating their development and making them appear on foreign markets. As a result the winners of the GreenEvo programme are successful all around the world, while playing their role in the protection of the environment – not only locally but also globally.

It must be noted that thanks to the GreenEvo winners some countries, regions or specific entities may undertake actions for the sake of environmental protections and in line with the idea of sustainable development. Polish entrepreneurs offer solutions that are both adjusted to local conditions, effective and easy to apply and operate and available at competitive prices.

GreenEvo creates reality, from which we can all profit. The companies – as they have new business opportunities; business partners – as they receive exactly the solutions they need; Poland – as its economy and SME sector are growing and the country strengthens its “green” image abroad. And lastly the environment – for obvious reasons. The programme proves that our country has a lot to offer to the world in the field that needs at present urgent actions.

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