GreenEvo goes to Austria

On the 2nd December 2013 four GreenEvo Winners accompanied by Mr Jan Kulig flew to Austria in order to participate in two events organised by Austrian Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce of Upper Austria. On the 3rd December at 10:00 Economic Forum ‘Poland’ started. The Vienna seat of the chamber got crowded with representatives of various companies from Poland and Austria. All the participants shared they knowledge and opinions on perspectives of Polish economy and possible fields of cooperation between the two countries. Considering new EU financial framework, such cooperation may produce satisfactory outcomes. The last part of the conference was dedicated to green technologies market. Presentation of the project and GreenEvo Winners filled the participants with admiration for the ministerial programme. The conference was followed by B2B meeting.
The discussions were continued during ‘Polish Day’ in Linz, on the 4th December. The key point on the agenda was an international business fair. After the conference, Polish delegation flew back to Warsaw.

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