GreenEvo at EPSA workshops and gala

On 25th-27th November 2013 representatives of the GreenEvo project participated in the event organised by European Institution of Public Administration (EIPA). Our project, altogether with 14 other nominees, had been selected out of more than 230 applicants from all over Europe. The event started with workshops and ended with official award ceremony. Speeches during introductory part of the workshops were delivered by European Commission and EIPA officials. They briefly described current situation of the public sector and encouraged to take on all the challenges in its development. On the second day, all the projects were presented, and every single attendee could take part in the discussion, asking questions or sharing their suggestions.

The crowning part of the event was the award ceremony on Wednesday. We would like to congratulate all the winners: Italian ‘Compass of Transparency’, Finnish ‘Development of Wellbeing and Civil Safety in Municipalities’ and Polish ‘Educational and Promotional Campaign “Bielsko-Biala Protects the Climate”. It was an honour and pleasure to be one of the 15 the best European projects.

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