Green technologies

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Archimedean screw

For owners of small hydro plants and other investors planning a construction or a modernization of small hydro plants, we offer individually designed Archimedean screw with an active fish-ladder. The uniqueness of the adopted solution consists in the use of a system of two Archimedean screws, in which one (ascending line) produces electrical energy and […]

Epp pneumatic sewage pumping station

For water and sewerage companies which face the problem of municipal sewage putrification in the pressure sewage systems the company EkoWodrol offers an EPP pneumatic sewage pumping station – innovative Polish technology consisting in pneumatic sewage pumping. As oppose to traditional systems equipped with pumps, a pneumatic pumping station refreshes pumped sewage, prevents them from […]

Technology for drying sewage sludge

For waste water treatment plants looking for waste management solution, we offer an ecological technology for drying sewage sludge in hybrid dryers, using renewable energy sources. This technology allows for environmental-friendly processing of sewage sludge and reduces its amount over than 3 times. Unlike the traditional dryers using fossil fuel, it is possible to dry […]

Reduxco catalytic converter

For power stations, co-generation plants, heat power production plants, and also for the transport industry (sea, land and air cargo) seeking a solution to help reduce fuel use, lower emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere and increase efficiency in the burning of all types of fuels, we offer the REDUXCO catalytic converter. Unlike the competition, […]

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