Green technologies

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Non-electricity domestic wastewater treatment plant

Small wastewater treatment plants ARGO are used to treat domestic wastewater from single- and multi-family households, agricultural farms, summer and other recreation cottages and public utility buildings which are not or cannot be connected to combined wastewater collecting systems. In contrast to compet – ing solutions, the ARGO wastewater treatment plant can operate in any […]

Emergency power supply system pulstar based on ecolo...

For industrial and production facilities, health care centres, transport, telecommunications, and IT sector which need an uninterruptible power supply system that generates electrical energy, we offer an emergency power supply system PULSTAR based on ecological fuel cells. Unlike competing conventional solutions with classic batteries , we offer ready-made power supply systems with fuel cell working […]

Street lighting management system

The APANET Green System technology is recommended for companies, local government authorities, resident communities and entities that search for solutions reducing the costs of outdoor lighting and lowering CO2 emissions. The smart street lighting management system APANET enables to rationalize the consumption of electrical energy and as a result reduces the level of CO2 emissions. […]

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