Green technologies

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Hydrophyte bioreactor with a biopreparation

For local authorities and the inhabitants of single- and multifamily buildings which seek a quick and easy-to-build wastewater treatment system, we offer a hydrophyte bioreactor with a biopreparation. Compared with competing solutions our technology is completely environmentally sound, cheaper to use and its operation does not require specialist knowl – edge, since automatic devices have […]

Kaplan water turbines

HYDROERGIA specializes in designing and creating customized solutions for every kind of Small Hydro Power project, thus allowing the most efficient use of any watercourse. Each turbine we manufacture has individually designed rotor blades, in order to achieve the highest production level of green energy. HYDROERGIA specializes in designing and creating customized solutions for every […]

Francis water turbines

For private entrepreneurs, energy companies and water supply companies which invest in renewable energy sources, we offer advanced Francis type water turbines. In contrast to other manufacturers of solutions of this type, we deliver turbines which operate at the highest possible capacity levels enabling the potential offered by rivers to be used most efficiently. The […]

Transport noise and environmental conditions monitor...

Our company is engaged in designing, production and implementation of advanced measurement systems on daily basis. Several years of experience in that field and the character of people gathered in our team influenced our decision that the environment protection market will be the sector in which we wish to gain a leading position. At present […]

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