Green technologies

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Kipi pellet burners

For all of those that wish to reduce the heating costs and that search for a convenient and maintanance-free solution Technical and Engineering Company of Jan Gumkowski recommends KIPI pellet burners with rotary chamber. As oppose to rival solutions the KIPI burners are distinguished by the innovative structure of two rotary chambers – external (blower […]

Activated sludge method of sewage treatment

The BIOGRADEX® technology is used to treat sewage with activated sludge. The process can be used both in case of municipal and industrial sewage unless biological sewage treatment is not possible. The great advantage of that technology consists in the possibility to regulate the concentration of activated sludge in the tanks depending on the technological […]

Fly ash and slag mixtures production technology flumix

The FLUMIX mixer processes production waste from metallurgical processes (slag), fly ash and lime dust into good-quality construction materials – cement and cement-based mortars. Compared to our competitors we offer capacity of 40-80 t/h with much lower energy consumption. Our unit is also distinguished by its mobility, as installations can be moved to any selected […]

Briquetting technology of moist non wood biomass bio...

BIOMASSER® is a technology of machinery used for production of briquettes from straw elaborated and manufactured by a Polish family company ASKET® with 35 years of tradition. BIOMASSER® SET, which is a compact set with productivity up to 320 kg/h, constitutes a perfect solution for communities that may turn local biomass into a full-value fuel. […]

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