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Integrator smart

For the owners of single-family houses, Makroterm has developed an innovative system of heating and air conditioning, as well as domestic hot water supply, based on optimally combining renewable and conventional energy sources. It ensures a standardized, quick installation, low operating costs, and optimum performance of the entire system. Consolidation of distributed energy sources into […]

Monolithic load bearing structure from foamed polyst...

This unique energy-efficient construction technology is the solution for investors, developers and construction companies seeking high profits. Unlike other available technologies, our solution helps to achieve a passive housing standard (zero or plus energy) with costs similar to traditional construction. An average building takes only six to eight weeks to erect. Buildings can also be […]

Technology of fast construction of passive and energ...

For construction companies and developers constructing residential buildings who want to expand their offer by adding passive and energy-efficient buildings with are durable and the maintanance of which is cheap, the company IZODOM offers a comprehensive construction technology. The solution proposed by IZODOM enables a fast construction of high quality and durable energy-efficient buildings without […]

Technology of highly efficient heat recovery in the ...

The ACAV Hi-ECO technology is based on the use of highly efficient heat exchangers recovering up to 93% of heat or coolness in the air-to-air systems, which brings savings of up to 35% of energy consummed for heating or cooling. Thanks to the features of the Inwent technology the air handling unit can obtain the […]

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