Green technologies

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Systems controlling supply and demand and supporting...

For all enterprises looking to lower and control their utilities costs (energy, heat, water, gas and others), we offer consultation services and comprehensive measurement and IT solutions assisting in lowering such costs. Unlike the competition, we are distinguished by our wealth of experience gained during the realization of over 100 projects, integration of metering equipment […]

Biomass boilers

For households, companies or public utility facilities situated in rural areas which would like to cut heating costs in a simple manner, we offer EKOPAL biomass boilers. In contrast to stoves fired by fossil fuels, in our technology unprocessed and readily available vegetal raw materials which constitute waste (e.g. straw) can be used as a […]

Stabilisation of hazardous waste and its solidificat...

The Sultech® technology turns hazardous waste into useful and safe products, implementing a highly demanded concept of circular economy. The product of the technology is 100% recyclable and meets low CO2 emission levels. The production process does not require the use of water, concrete or other chemical substances. Marbet Wil Sp. z o.o. offers its […]

Integrator smart

For the owners of single-family houses, Makroterm has developed an innovative system of heating and air conditioning, as well as domestic hot water supply, based on optimally combining renewable and conventional energy sources. It ensures a standardized, quick installation, low operating costs, and optimum performance of the entire system. Consolidation of distributed energy sources into […]

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