Green technologies

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ZEWE® technology – zero- emission waste elimination

ZEWE® is a technology elaborated by the company WTT, which consists in the processing of waste materials (organic and non-organic) from wastewater treatment plants, municipal waste and hazardous waste – it is distinguished by a fully zero-emission and waste-free process with a very high energy efficiency. The line is composed of substations: waste drying and […]

Biosulfex technology

For sewage treatment plants, agricultural biogas installations, waste depots and other enterprises producing biogas wanting to use this gas in the production of heat and electrical energy while seeking an effective method of removing hydrogen sulphide (as well as dust and siloxane), we present BIOSULFEX®. Unlike competing solutions, it delivers an exceptionally effective technological process […]

Geothermal heat pumps

For individual clients or institutions, which need a cost-efficient, environmentally-sound and maintanance-free system for heating premises and tap water and for air-conditioning WSK Kraków ofers a geothermal heat pump VATRA. The company delivers high-performance devices with heating power from 6 to 240 kW and more, zero direct emissions of toxic compounds in the atmosphere and […]

Ozone water treatment systems

Treating water for all branches of industry with the use of ozone and quartz filtration is a simple, ecological and safe way of obtaining the highest quality water possible. WOFIL installations are fully computerised and monitored over the Internet. As a result they can be installed anywhere in the world and we can be sure […]

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