Green technologies

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Technology of the reclamation of lakes

A comprehensive service consisting in the reclama – tion of lakes PROTE-fos is dedicated for private and public entities which own or manage water reservoirs displaying high trophy that face the problems of progressing eutrophication. The final result of the technology is to obtain a clear-water state by curtailing the phytoplankton blooms, including cyanobacteria, as […]

Secondary dust emissions monitoring systems

The celluguard┬« technology is dedicated for coal-fired power stations, heat and power plants, mines and facilities that struggle with a problem of secondary dust emissions of gasiform substances at landfills. The method consists in a hydrodynamic application of a flexible, reinforced and liquid coating to dust-emitting surfaces. In comparison to traditional methods the company Agata […]

Tank control centralised remote risk management syst...

Thanks to a network of liquid and steam sensors 2AK Tank Control enables to monitor the storage and transmission of liquid explosives, such as fuels, alcohols and others. Environment protection and explosion-proof safety receive in the era of Industry 4.0 a convenient and reliable tool dedicated for Enviroment Protection Divisions/Departments or Maintenance Divisions/Departments. The data […]

Burner for biomass pellasx

For individual customers and companies which would like to cut their heating costs and reduce their CO2 emissions, we offer a burner for biomass, which can be simply and quickly mounted at practically any type of traditionally applied boilers. In contrast to other solutions of this type, due to an overpressured combustion and a patented […]

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