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SYMBIO biomonitoring system

The SYMBIO biomonitoring system from the PROTE company is an early warning system against the contamination of water intended for consumption. It combines the natural, dependable bioindication method, based on living organisms called bioindica­tors, with modern technology that enables automatic water monitoring and archiving the data. SYMBIO sets the current standards for water security. The […]

SyENERGY system

The development of satellite technology led to the increase of availability of good quality data enabling the preparation of analyses, in particular in agriculture or forestry. Publicly available data provided by NASA or ESA programmes, as well as commercial satellite or aeronautical data are within reach. It all helped the company BIOCONTROL to elaborate a […]

QUMKAM® SBR adaptive set

QUMKAM® SBR set is a high quality adaptive system dedicated for septic tanks, drainage treatment plants and cesspools. The implementation of the system can lead to the creation of a fully biological wastewater treatment plant, which is compliant with the European standard EN 12566-3 for any tank – concrete or plastic. Depending on the SBR […]

Biological wastewater treatment plant DAGAS BIO

For facilities with various business profiles: public utility, chemical, oil refining, painting, cokery plants, printing and food facilities, etc. the company Dagas offers a biological wastewater treatment plant DAGAS BIO. That solution takes advantage of a so-called biological conveyor and is based on biocoenosis. Biological wastewater treatment plant DAGAS BIO is composed of a joint […]

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