Green technologies

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Technological line for straw briquette production ltbs

For all of those who intend to begin producing environement-friendly fuel from straw and hay dedicated for coal-fired power stations and heat and power plants, we offer the LTBS Technological Line. Unlike the competitive solutions, our technology enables the production of both briquettes and pellets using the same units, and it is characterized by greater […]

Anoxybed™ technology

For bioethanol, wine, dairy cheese, milk and juice producers who need a stable and economical effluent treatment solution, we offer the AnoxyBed technology – a high-rate tower anaerobic reactor. On the contrary to the classical biogas technologies, AnoxyBed ensures a sustainable and stable biogas source, balanced treatment results and low investment costs. The AnoxyBed technology […]

Rovapo technology

No emissions, no waste, no problems with clean water recovered from industrial waste products. In this one sentence you can describe the technology of ROVAPO™, which enables the production of very clean technological water. ROVAPO™ is a closed water circulation technology that minimizes energy consumption and resulting waste products. It is a tech – nology […]

Thermodynamic construction system H-Block

For general contractors, construction companies and developers who offer their customers energy-saving residential and public utility buildings, we propose innovative thermodynamic construction system – H-Block®. In contrast to traditional technologies, it enables fast installation of warm, well-insulated, air-tight and cheap to run buildings by using light – weight and very resilient construction and insulation elements. […]

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