Green technologies

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Venturis horeca – KUMIN.SYS. SYSTEM monitoring the q...

The KuMin.Sys system is used to monitor and analyse data from the HoReCa sector. It helps to plan more precisely the amounts of prepared food to be more coherent with the needs of the clients and guests. As a result, the food waste and the environmental footprint are reduced. Rational use of resources: raw materials, […]

DEFIBRATECH 1.0 technology

DefibraTech 1.0 technology applies to the produc­tion of fibrous pulp from lignocellulosic fibres from agricultural biomass (cereal straw) as well as to the production of composite boards of low and medium density. The use of an agricultural biomass, which is a quickly renewable raw material, absorbing CO2 during growth helps to reduce the carbon footprint […]

Alternative fuels station EKOEN

The company Ekoenergetyka-Polska has been build­ing electromobility – both on a national as well as international level – for over 10 years. Well-known and acknowledged on the bus market, the company has also important merits in the field of electric ve­hicles charging infrastructure. It actively participates in the global process of transition to a zero-emission […]

Anaerobic membrane bioreactor ANOXYMEM®

AnoxyMem® is a proprietary system elaborated by the company SYMBIONA thanks to years of research. It provides the highest efficiency of anaerobic wastewater treatment or the efficiency of methane fermentation process maximaxing biogas yield/pro­duction of green energy. It is a high-efficient anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR), which combines features of a classic anaerobic CSTR reactor based […]

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