Geothermal heat pump VATRA

Technical features:For individual clients and institutions seeking an efficient, ecological and self-operating system for, heating, air conditioning and hot water preparation, we offer VATRA geothermal heating pump. Unlike competing solutions, we deliver high performance units with power ranging from 6 to 320 kW and more, with zero direct emissions of harmful compounds into the atmosphere, along with a control system enabling the pump to be adapted to any kind of installation.

The VATRA heating pump is a heating and cooling device that collects heat energy from the earth and transforms this energy into energy used for heating and cooling buildings, as well as heating water. Geothermal heating pumps are used as heating and cooling devices in homes, industrial facilities (greenhouses, cold stores, swimming pools) and for heating and cooling public facilities. VATRA heating pumps are characterised by very high efficiency (efficiency coefficient of 4.5), which results in a considerable reduction of heating/ cooling costs compared to traditional methods. VATRA technology does not create any substances harmful to the natural environment, operates quietly and is long-lasting.
WSK Kraków has already completed 20 installations of heating pumps for heating, and cooling, as well as hot water preparation, with total power of 1.5 MW. Users of the technology include industrial facilities, public institutions and individual clients. Heating pumps produced by WSK Kraków operate as independent, primary energy generators as well as cogeneration units in combined heat and power installations, where the heating pump works with other generators such as GCHP (gas combined heat and power) and solar. WSK Kraków heating pump installations use primary sources of energy such as ground resources, waste-generated heat, water reservoirs, wells, and also a bypass constructed on a water pipe. The technology has been implemented in such places as the Social Assistance House (Mariówka), Wiatrak Foundation (Bydgoszcz), MCD Electronics (Żywiec), the John Paul II Institute in Kraków and for individual clients.
Advantages of the technology:

  • High efficiency of the unit – low bills for heating/air conditioning/heating
  • Hands-free operation – no need to spend time operating/fueling unit, easy
    and user-friendly control interface.
  • Silent device operation.
  • Zero local emissions of pollutants produced by the heat pump – beneficial
    for the natural environment, clean surroundings.
  • Absence of waste from functioning of the unit, installation does not require
    a place for fuel storage.

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