Ecobiosed – comprehensive technology of water purification reagent

Technical features:

The comprehensive reagent-based technology for water treatment and counteracting the effects of eutrophication is the solution for institutions managing water reservoirs and industrial plants using process water, which experience problems with biological and chemical (including oil) pollution.

In contrast to other, hazardous chemical methods with only narrow range of use, as well as expensive and logistically complex physical methods, we offer safe, quick and simple removal of pollutants and the ability to restore ecological balance.

The Ecobiosed substance is a simple and easy to use innovative technology based on surfactants. It is characterised by very high concentration of active ions of synthetic enzymes and high energy of activation in water even at 20C.

The technology is efficient both in closed and open reservoirs, both at high and low pH and it is active already at 20C. It can be applied independently without the use of additional devices or as an auxiliary substance to mechanical water treatment methods.

Ecobiosed technology helps to restore and maintain high water quality in lakes and rivers, coastal areas, lagoons and supports protection of their ecosystems by elimination of all pollutants entering them through groundwater, municipal and industrial wastewater.

Advantages of the technology:

  • Highly efficient – it eliminates up to 99.99% of biological and up to 96%
    of chemical pol-lutants from water.
  • It ensures high-level disinfection of waters and demineralisation of
    phosphorus, nitrogen, po-tassium and calcium compounds as well as
    hydrocarbons, including petroleum com-pounds transforming them
    into permanently bound bottom sediments.
  • The substance is safe for human health and the natural environment,
    as it does not con-tain harmful components.
  • Short response time – first effects are visible after 6 hours from the
    substance application.
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