The bioreactor hydrophytic with biopreparation

Technical features:

For local authorities and the inhabitants of single- and multi-family buildings which seek a quick and easy-to-build wastewater treatment system, we offer a hydrophyte bioreactor with a biopreparation. Compared with competing solutions
our technology is completely environmentally sound, cheaper to use and its operation does not require specialist knowledge,
since automatic devices have been eliminated from it.

The hydrophyte bioreactor technology is an eco-innovative solution which ensures high-efficiency removal of organic compounds and nutrients from wastewater. Its design eliminates the impact of unfavorable weather conditions (e.g. sub-zero temperatures) on filter performance, maintaining it high throughout the year. The designed system of mineral and organic layers provides proper hydraulic conductivity and even spatial distribution of treated discharge into the soil. Moreover, its structure solution enables the bioreactor to be used under high groundwater level conditions. In addition, this technology prevents the emergence of oxygen depleted zones in the lower layers of the bioreactor, inhibiting the growth of anaerobic bacteria and, as a result, protecting mineral layers from clogging. Furthermore, the technological system of the hydrophyte bioreactor is supported by a biopreparation containing humic acids. Biopreparation affects the buffering capacity of the hydrophyte filter, adjusting and stabilising its chemistry and enhancing its biological activity. This activates the effective mineralisation of organic compounds contained in wastewater.
The synergy between the bioreactor technology and the biopreparation contributes to high efficiency of wastewater treatment. Since the technological system uses the biological processes mimicking natural wetland environment, it requires only periodic, uncomplicated on-site labor. Due to these advantages, the technology is very popular among residents of rural areas and
local authorities in Poland.

Advantages of the technology:

  • A technology based on 3 inventions, drawing on the results of own research.
  • High efficiency – the elimination of more than 90% of organic pollutants.
  • Resilience and high tolerance of changes in pollutant loads and fluctuation
    in flow.
  • The construction of the bioreactor takes one day.
  • Low investment outlays and operating costs.
  • The biopreparation used is environmentally sound.
  • The dosage of the biopreparation enhances the efficiency of nitrogen and
    phosphorus removal from wastewater and the biodegradation of organic
  • Design of filter provides aesthetic enhancement of open spaces.
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