AQUATECH Ltd. Small wastewater treatment plants ARGO

Technical features:

Small wastewater treatment plants ARGO are used to treat domestic wastewater from single- and multi-family households, summer and other recreation cottages and public utility buildings which are not or cannot be connected to combined wastewater collecting systems. In contrast to competing solutions, the ARGO wastewater treatment plant can operate in any terrain and climatic conditions, without using electricity, does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere and ensures high wastewater treatment efficiency.

The non-electricity ARGO treatment plant demonstrates the experience of Nature – the best environmentalist in the world. In ordinary wastewater treatment plants, the air is injected by blowers and pneumatic systems. Due to its natural aeration system and bacterial flora growth, the ARGO technology combines the high-efficiency treatment using activate sludge and natural treatment processes using a biological bed. In addition, the bacterial flora emerging in the ARGO treatment is much more diverse, ensuring its higher efficacy.
The ARGO technology is unmanned and uses no electricity. Moreover, it ensures high long-term treatment efficiency (as much as 95%). The solution can be adapted to locally produced tanks. It can be scaled up after many years have elapsed from the time when the treatment plant was built by adding new necessary elements. The ARGO treatment plant includes no electrical or mechanical elements and for this reason the service period has been extended to 3 years.

Advantages of the technology:

  • The operating technology without using electricity and mechanical elements (the energy intensity of the process is 0.00 kWh/d).
  • A completely unmanned and quiet biological treatment plant.
  • A short start-up period (up to 24 hours).
  • High resilience to variable wastewater inflows.
  • High long-term treatment efficiency (95%).
  • Very low sludge production, sludge removal from the treatment plant every three years.
  • Safe operation, a technology certified in the European Union (CE).
  • Odourless treated wastewater can be discharged into rivers or lakes or can be re-used to irrigate farmland or orchards.

The ARGO treatment plant can be installed on any sites where it would be expensive to build a combined wastewater collecting system and where the user would expect an unmanned solution with high treatment efficiency. The treatment plant can operate in any terrain and climatic conditions, even without access to power supply. At present, ARGO treatment plants are in operation e.g. in Lebanon, the United Kingdom, Zanzibar, Mongolia, and also on sites with the extreme conditions, e.g. those with temperatures reaching +50oC or at elevations of 2,000 m above sea level.

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