Christmas greetings


The GreenEvo team wishes all our friends merry and cheerful Christmas, Christmas full of ecoinnovations, creativity and greenness. Although, we do accept also other colours. 🙂 All the best!

GreenEvo Winners go to Australia


5 GreenEvo Winners, led by Beata Jaczewska, Under-Secretary of State at Ministry of the Environment, went to Australia. It was the last trade mission this year. And, as we may say, ‘last but not least’ – it was the first such visit for the last 20 years. During the mission, Ms Jaczewska met with many […]

The Head of Civil Service congratulates to GreenEvo


The news on our European project draws more and more of attention. Mr SƂawomir Marek BrodziƄski, the H sent his heartiest congratulations to Mrs MaƂgorzata Tarczewska-SzymaƄska, the Director General. In recognition of the fact that GreenEvo was called one of the best five projects on European and national level, the project will be described in […]

GreenEvo and COP 19 Conference


The GreenEvo Team altogether with National Fund Environmental Protection and Water Management representatives participated in UN Climate Change Conference COP 19, which took place in Warsaw, 11th-22nd November 2013. Our stand drew tremendous attention among the participants of the most important event in the area of environmental protection. During those two weeks, National Stadium hosted […]

GreenEvo goes to Austria


On the 2nd December 2013 four GreenEvo Winners accompanied by Mr Jan Kulig flew to Austria in order to participate in two events organised by Austrian Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce of Upper Austria. On the 3rd December at 10:00 Economic Forum ‘Poland’ started. The Vienna seat of the chamber got crowded with […]

GreenEvo at EPSA workshops and gala


On 25th-27th November 2013 representatives of the GreenEvo project participated in the event organised by European Institution of Public Administration (EIPA). Our project, altogether with 14 other nominees, had been selected out of more than 230 applicants from all over Europe. The event started with workshops and ended with official award ceremony. Speeches during introductory […]

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