Training schedule for the 4th edition of the GreenEv...


The trainings are held at the seat of the Ministry od the Environment, Wawelska 52/54 Warsaw APRIL 9 April – Inauguration Day. International Sales of Green Technologies (part 1). 10 April – Successful presentation techniques (part 1). 11 April – Public support instruments for companies producing green technologies (part 1). 23 April – International Sales […]

Participants of the 4th edition of GreenEvo selected


Fourteen Polish companies offering environmental technologies have been qualified for the 4th edition of the GreenEvo programme of the Ministry of the Environment. The solutions selected by the Jury of the Competition include passive housing technologies and small wind power systems. First verification of technologies GreenEvo is a project of the Ministry of the Environment […]

Decision of the Jury on support provided in 2013 for...


During a meeting of the “GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator” Jury held on 11.03.2013, not only new participants of the 4th edition of the project were selected, but also the winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition were subject to annual evaluation. The companies were analysed in detail on the basis of the “Annual […]

Foreign talks on cooperation with GreenEvo companies


The presentation of winning technologies of the GreenEvo competition, as well as the opportunities for bilateral cooperation were the main topics of the visits of delegations from the Altai Krai and Kyrgyzstan in Poland. GreenEvo is an original project of the Ministry of the Environment, meant to support the sales of Polish environmental solutions on […]

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