Polish eco-technologies on three continents


In October, November and December, the winners of GreenEvo – Green Technologies Accelerator and their technologies will be presented together in 6 countries on three continents. The route of GreenEvo promotion includes Belarus, Ukraine, India, Vietnam, France, Russia and Mexico. Under the wings of the Ministry of the Environment, this year the companies will visit […]

GreenEvo at the Forum “Narzędzia ekspansji międzynar...


One of thirteen winners of GreenEvo – the Asket company shared its experience of the participation in the GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator project with the participants of the Forum “Narzędzia Ekspansji Międzynarodowej w XXI wieku” (“Tools of International Expansion in the 21st century”), which took place on 20th October in Warsaw. Ministry of Economy […]

Minister of the Environment visits Finland


Ecological innovations in the Baltic Sea region – this was the topic of the seminar with the participation of the Ministers of the Environment from Poland – Prof. Andrzej Kraszewski and Finland – Paula Lehtomäki. The meeting took place on 12th October this year in Helsinki. The participants of the seminar discussed, among others, the […]

GreenEvo winners awarded with statuettes


Presentation of awards to the winners during the ceremonial gala crowned several months of activities conducted within the GreenEvo project. Minister of the Environment, Prof. Andrzej Kraszewski presented the achievements of Green Technology Accelerator and the perspectives for Polish eco-technologies on the global market. A video, depicting the operation principle of GreenEvo and technological solutions […]

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