AnoxyBed – highly charged anaerobic reactor

Technical features:

For bioethanol, wine, dairy cheese, milk and juice producers who need a stable and economical effluent treatment solution, we offer the AnoxyBed technology – a high-rate tower anaerobic reactor. On the contrary to the classical biogas technologies, AnoxyBed ensures a sustainable and stable biogas source, balanced treatment results and low investment costs.

The AnoxyBed technology is a very efficient tower anaerobic reactor. The main element enabling the development of methane-producing bacteria, is a a floating bed with biomass.. The reactor reduces pollutants and, at the same time, converts them into biogasproviding a sustainable and safe energy source. Moreover, the treated effluent requires only slight additional treatment before it is discharged into the sewage system or river. AnoxyBed can efficiently operate at higher suspension rates at the input
and lower temperatures than those of classical anaerobic reactors (26-370C). The problem of an unexpected biomass escape from the reactor is also absent. The technology is capable of operating on a continuous or cyclical basis, according to the wastewater inflow. The technology enables an effective operation of the system. Its capacity allows to treat wastewaterranging
from 2,000 mg/l of COD (chemical oxygen demand) to very high concentrations, even 20,000 mg/l of COD. The technology proves to be attractive for economic reasons he technology is attractive in economic terms and ensures fast retur in a two-years operation period.

The first application of the technology in Poland, works at a large plant producing apple juice concentrate. The quantity of treated effluent varies from 1,000 m3/d COD to 10,000 mg O2/l COD. After the AnoxyBed reactor, the effluent is additionally treated at/in the MBBR reactor. Such treatment removes all contaminants so that the effluent may be discharged directly into
a watercourse. The wastewater treatment plant occupies only. about 500 m2 of built up space, allowing the production plant to expand further. Due to its special design, it has no impact on the environment; as it does not emit odours or cause noise pollution.

Advantages of the technology:

  • Effective COD reduction to 92%, the BOD reduction to 95%.
  • Allows for methane production at a level of 0.45m3 of biogas from 1 kg
    of COD.
  • Efficient operation – for a small surface area of the wastewater treatment
    plant, e.g. 350m2, and the pollution load of 7,000 kg/day of COD.
  • A significantly lower investment level comparing with traditional biogas
    solutions – the installation occupies less space.
  • The technology structure prevents the biomass medium from escaping
    from the reactor.
  • The technology can utilise the existing infrastructure – tanks, pipes
    – reducing the cost and time of its implementation.
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