Announcing Polish Green (R)evolution

The offensive of Polish green technologies to foreign markets is in progress. We are announcing the list of new leaders of GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator. The jury of the competition selected 17 solutions from pro-environmental areas, in which we can compete against the best in the world.
After the success of the 1st edition of GreenEvo, the time has come to select new leaders of Polish green technologies. Strict assessment and selection of the submitted technologies lasted for several months. In the meantime, 21 technologies, proposed by 19 companies, were selected put of 36 applications.
In May and June, their representatives held a series of training courses organized by the Ministry of the Environment on the international sale of green technologies, professional presentation techniques, professional sales techniques and public support instruments for companies. After deliberations and analysis of documentation, a specially appointed, independent Jury selected 17 most competitive and innovative Polish pro-environmental technologies.
The solutions proposed by Polish companies represent a very broad spectrum, including, among others, such areas as energy saving solutions, renewable energy sources, water and sewage technologies, reclamation of lakes, as well as technologies supporting waste management and air protection. These include an innovative method of disposal of hazardous waste, hybrid drying of sludge, driver for remote control of electrical equipment or wireless power system with eco-fuel cell.
“We are very impressed with the quality of presented technologies. In the second round of the selection, the Jury rejected only one company. Strong involvement of the companies in the GreenEvo project and large export potential of the submitted solutions is worth emphasizing”, underline Prof. Andrzej Kraszewski, Minister of the Environment.
From autumn this year, the companies possessing the selected technologies will participate in the international promotion of the GreenEvo project.
Full list of leaders and technologies selected for the project is presented in the attachment.
GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator is an innovative project of the Ministry of the Environment, designed to promote Polish environmental technologies and support the development of enterprises in this field. It is also supposed to help Polish companies involved in the development of green technologies to operate in the international markets and to prepare them for competitive management of their projects.
The Ministry of the Environment prepared the GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator project within the 14th United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Poland in December 2008.

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