About program

GreenEvo – the Green Technology Accelerator is an innovative program run by the Ministry of Climate and Environment designed to create friendly conditions to disseminate environmental technologies provided by Polish enterpreneurs – in Poland and abroad. Its main purpose is to help Polish small and medium-sized enterprises to enter into international contacts and also to provide them with necessary tools to enable their dynamic development. The actions taken under the program stimulate development in a comprehensive manner and strengthen the position of advanced green technologies in the process of building a circular economy.

How long?

GreenEvo Program has been launched as a result of 14th UN Climate Change Conference which took place in Poland in 2008. It corresponds to the idea of the Poznań Technology Transfer Strategy, adopted at the end of the summit. The strategy is to increase the effectiveness of technology transfer through proper recognition of the needs in countries developing in this respect. Within the project, the resolutions conveyed in the most important environmental document – „The 2030 National Environmental Policy”, regarding technology transfer and conduction of environmental actions – are put into practice.

The first decade of the program delivered 7 editions. During six of them (2009-2015) a total of 74 technologies have been selected and supported. In 7th edition (2018/2019) among the achievements of the previous Laureates 34 technologies were appreciated and get further support.

Activity areas

  • water and wastewater management
  • waste management
  • renewable energy sources
  • energy savings
  • air protection
  • biological diversity conservation
  • passive housing
  • low-emission transport
  • climate protection including technologies designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


GreenEvo promotes the sustainable development of companies, green technologies and, in consequence, the economy itself. Proponents of only proven, implemented and highly efficient technologies join its Laureates, thus contributing to the building of Poland’s positive image in the world. It can be said that GreenEvo Laureates are credible business partners, willing to share their knowledge, experience and technologies with developing countries which have to cope with the local environmental problems. GreenEvo Program not only consistently builds the environmental awareness of domestic technology buyers, but also educates potential foreign partners, in respect of technologies to reduce environmental impacts which are often quite simple to use. GreenEvo strengthens the business activity of companies at the international level. It changes the approach to a company and its management – from a traditional approach to a modern, effective one, focused on measures related to corporate social responsibility.


The GreenEvo Program is one of the key tools used by the Polish Government to support the transition process towards a sustainable economy and to raise the awareness of companies as to how they can operate in a responsible manner. It is the best practice in the scope of cooperation between the central administration and business. From the very start it has been created and launched by the Government administration, which, in addition, has assumed the role of a guarantor of the quality of the technologies offered. Thanks to GreenEvo, the international transfer of green technologies is stimulated and the activities of Polish companies which provide environmental and energy efficient technologies are supported in real terms abroad. Furthermore, the Program demonstrates that Poland is able to become actively involved in international actions to combat climate change, without a detriment to economic growth, but, on the contrary, supporting it with innovative, green technologies.

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