The use of aluminum in the production of solar absorbers

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Technical features:

The all-aluminum construction HEWALEX Am series solar collector has been developed for individual clients, and for anyone needing a cost-efficient method of domestic hot water preparation, central heating or swimming pool heating. In contrast to collectors from other manufacturers, the KS2000 TLP Am model features a remarkable price to efficiency ratio, which has a direct impact on reducing the payback time on investment. It has high durability performance and a long warranty period, thus operating maintenance-free and providing peace of mind for its users for many years to come.

HEWALEX products are well known in more than 40 countries for their high quality, reasonable price and long warranty periods. The company’s own Research & Development department and continuous pursuit of innovative and more effective solutions have made it possible to implement a number of improvements during over 20 years of company’s market presence.

The heart of the collector is its absorber – a metal sheet with piping welded to it. The absorber is responsible for intercepting the solar radiation and transferring thermal energy acquired in such a way to water in a tank.

HEWALEX is the first company in Poland to have implemented ultrasonic welding, and more recently also laser welding technologies in the production of absorbers. Laser welding has allowed the introduction of flat plate collectors, with the absorber made of an aluminium sheet and aluminium piping. It guarantees the highest precision, durability and lack of deformations of the sheets, in all points of contact to the pipes.

Contrary to the joints made by soldering, laser welding guarantees full thermal conductivity of the connected parts, especially when they are made of the same material. The secret of the successful application of the absorber’s aluminium piping lies in designing dedicated components, made of materials which are inert to aluminium.

The final result of implementing this technology, is the possibility to offer solar installations of high operating effectiveness to individual customers at an affordable price.

Advantages of the technology:

  • The all-aluminium absorber eliminates the necessity of connecting different
    materials and offers high durability of construction, convenience
    of use and hassle-free recycling.
  • High optical efficiency (81.7%) maximises the energy output per surface
    unit of the Am collector area.
  • All-aluminium absorber weight is reduced by about 50%, and that of the
    entire collector by about 15-20%, compared to copper absorbers
  • Price of the collector reduced by 30-40% compared to standard flat
  • Outstanding price-to-efficiency ratio.
  • Complete set of dedicated components, neutral for aluminium, which
    guarantee long-lasting operation of the solar installation, confirmed by
    a 10 year warranty period on the collectors.