Preparation of the electric field gradient in aqueous

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Technical features:

We offer the innovative NEPTUN electrical-electronic barrier, intended for all surface water intakes, which effectively protects artificial water installations from inflows of fish thus offering significant operational and cleaning cost reductions as well as protecting fish from being destroyed. Unlike the competition, NEPTUN is characterised by a high efficiency level (over 90%) irrespective of environmental conditions, and uses an extraordinarily small amount of energy in comparison.

The unit applies the method of creating an increasing non-linear electrified field in the water to direct the behaviour of fish. The parameters of the low-tension electrified field affect the muscular and central nervous system of the fish, causing them to swim in the opposite direction.

PROCOM SYSTEM S.A. has already installed several NEPTUN units
in Poland, including:
• at the weir on the Bóbr river in Krzywaniec
• at the Mała Elektrownia Wodna – Szczerców, along the Widawa river
• at the Elektrownia Wodna in Rzeszów, along the Wisłok river
• at the Mała Elektrownia Wodna – Drzewica, along the Drzewicka
We have also begun working with the American company Fishways Global
LLC, which will be our representative in North America.

As part of a contract with the Great Lakes Commission and in conjunction with our American partner, tests are currently being conducted on the use of NEPTUN for limiting access by the sea lamprey to spawning grounds. Furthermore, promotional activities have been undertaken regarding the use of the NEPTUN for protecting surface water inflows for industrial complexes
in the United States and Canada.

Advantages of the technology:

  • High efficiency – over 90%.
  • Low energy use.
  • Easy to assemble – in all conditions, both in new and old installations.
  • Multiple applications – can be used not only to protect hydroelectric power
    stations from fish entering turbines and to protect surface water inflows,
    but also for protecting fish farms from predators and seaside swimming
    areas from shark attacks.
  • Low maintenance costs – servicing consists of remote monitoring of
    the unit’s functioning and regular service checkups.