Technology highly effective heat recovery ventilation systems.

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Technical features:

For public and private investors who want to improve the air quality in a building or ensure its effective ventilation, we offer a air handling unit , which – due to its high-efficiency heat recovery section and automatic controls – substantially reduces the operating costs and eletricity consumption in a facility. In contrast to the generally applied solutions, we deliver a high-efficiency and easy-to-operate device for a wide range of air flow rates.

INWENT Company has developed an innovative air handling unit which is a milestone in ventilation technology. The novel solution meets the requirements of the highest classes of energy efficiency. The recuperator does not include any moving elements and its operation does not need the supply of additional energy. The technology is based on the combination of a number of counterflow heat exchangers into one battery; as a result of this, for a relatively low pressure drop, it is possible to achieve the highest temperature efficiency in a wide range of air flow rates. The frost-protection system ensures high heat recovery in the winter period, too. The air flow in the ventilation unit was so designed as to minimise the flow resistance and ensure high efficiency of equipment. The control system integrated with the ventilation unit is reliable, intuitive and user friendly.

The most important project using the technology of INWENT Company, which was completed in 2013, involved the construction and assembly of the first air handling unit with high-efficiency heat recovery at the building of the Private Health Care Centre in Janów Lubelski.

Advantages of the technology:

  •  High heat and cold recovery with temperature efficiency of up to 90%.
  • A low pressure drop of the order of 80 – 150 Pa at the recuperator.
  •  An effective frost-protection system.
  •  A series of types with a flow rate range from 1,000 to 25,000 m3/h.
  •  An automatic control system integrated with a BMS module.
  •  A freely configured structure of the AHU.