Disposal of hazardous waste technology using microwaves (MTT)

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Technical features:

For industrial facilities, hospitals, companies in the water and sewer industry, and waste management facilities seeking an effective, safe and environmentally friendly solution for neutralising hazardous waste products, we offer equipment based on MTT (Microwave Thermal Treatment) technology. Differently from other technologies and methods used in transport equipment, our solution enables waste management at the location it is created (at the source), while needing a relatively low level of energy input, producing low emissions of pollution into the environment and offering the possibility of managing solid post-processing waste and the resulting heat which is generated.

The MTT method neutralizes hazardous waste products and other materials, as well as recovering valuable elements. It is characterized by the contact-free microwave heating of whole wastes to very high temperatures (800-1200°C). The processes are conducted without using any additional source that would emit pollutants into the atmosphere (e.g. burners). Equipment from ATONHT S.A. using the patented MTT method is portable, which makes it possible to manage waste at the source where it arises. This solution does not require any additional external media apart from a stable source of electrical energy. It is additionally possible to recover energy in the form of heat or another carrier. To perform MTT-method-based processes, a series of units have been developed: ATON BW for gasification of waste products in a stationary ceramic chamber, and ATON HR reactors, in which the processing is performed inside a rotating ceramic drum. Post-production gases are directed to the
unique ATON MOS segment, in which they are cleansed of harmful substances in a ceramic chamber heated by microwaves to temperatures of 900-1200°C.

The MTT method has been implemented in Europe and the United States. In the United States, microwave technology is used for treating casting sands and for removing pollutants from the ground resulting from petroleum with an ATON HR-S unit. Many tests and trials on various types of waste products are also conducted in Poland. Here, the ATON BW-M unit is used for neutralizing medical waste and artificial materials, the HR-T unit is applied mainly in the gasification of tyres, and post-process systems of gases treatment is performed by the MOS system.

Advantages of the technology:

  • The application of highly-concentrated microwave energy for selective
    and “contact-free” heating of the entire volume of waste products, which
    in comparison to other methods offers a marked acceleration of the
    process of their neutralisation and improves effectiveness.
  • “Zero emissions” as an effect of the absence of additional energy sources
    such as burners.
  • Equipment is mobile and transported to the site where waste is generated,
    which makes it possible to eliminate transport of waste materials
    away from the location at which they arise.
  • Processing of waste into environmentally safe substances, reduction
    in the mass and volume of waste and recovery of energy.
  • Possibility of remote operation and controlling of the process as well as acceleration
    of maintenance by allowing observation of process parameters
    in the main office of ATON-HT S.A.