Technology disposal of hazardous waste EnviroMix®

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Technical features:

It is a true breakthrough in the field of neutralisation of dangerous and toxic wastes. The innovative EnviroMix® technology does not require significant investment and ensures a limitless guarantee of safety for the natural environment. EnviroMix® is an effective and cost-efficient way to stabilize waste products.

The stabilization process on which the EnviroMix® process is based is a technology recognized around the world. It gives excellent results in chemical binding and stabilization of dangerous waste products. This type of stabilization meets the requirements of many countries and is supported by independent scientific tests. The EnviroMix® process is used on an industrial scale to process thousands of tonnes of dirtied soil, sediments, mining waste and by-products of industrial processes. The process can be used to neutralize polluted soil, sludge and other solid wastes containing organic and inorganic compounds, as well as minerals.

The EnviroMix® process is recognized as the leader in processes for binding and stabilizing many types of dangerous waste products. It is a breakthrough in the field of neutralization. Stabilization of dangerous waste using EnviroMix® technology is many times more effective than widespread methods based on Portland cement.

Ecotech Polska is in cooperation with private companies (from Israel, Belgium, USA, Canada, China) and governments (in Vietnam – concerning dioxin, in Armenia – pesticides). This technology is also unusually interesting due to the increasingly restrictive requirements of the EU, regulating neutralization and storage of dangerous and industrial waste. European regulations require waste to be neutralized prior to storage, and – if possible – first subjected to recycling and reclamation.

Advantages of the technology:

  • An extremely effective technology in such areas such as removal of heavy
    metals, pesticides, cyanides, WWA and benzopyrene.
  • Due to the specifics of binding pollutants with magnesium compounds,
    the EnviroMix® technology is resistant to washing out of pollutants.
  • The primary distinguishing feature of the technology is the extreme
    reduction in stabilizing material per mass unit of waste.