Production technology of hydraulic binders based on combustion by-products

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Technical features:

For energy companies having excess ash from coal combustion and for construction companies needing materials, we offer
a technology for the production of adhesives, based on byproducts of combustion,to be used as road binders and materials for injection. In comparison to materials based on cement and lime, our adhesives have a lower carbon footprint and lower prices.

Our adhesives based on by-products of coal combustion in the power industry, and their technology , are a future-proof solution for civil and road engineering. Those parts of buildings, only requiring moderate endurance performance, can be constructed using EKOTECH’s adhesives, production and use of which generates only minor greenhouse gas emissions compared to the production of traditional construction adhesives.

The family of geotechnical adhesives offered under the trade name TEFRA (Greek for ‘ash’), allow the for meeting of green public procurement objectives – to help protect the climate and lower costs In a significant number of geotechnical applications, our materials are competitively priced compared to solutions based on cement or lime.

TEFRA adhesives were created thanks to a profound knowledge of combustion processes, allowing for effective adaptation of this approach to the local conditions in which the energy companies generate a lot of coal ash, and currently treat it as an onerous problem.

From nearly two million tons of combustion by-products handled by EKOTECH in 2008-2012, more than half a million were used for adhesives, which were mostly used for construction of roads – local, expressways and motorways.

Advantages of the technology:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of geotechnical structures.
  • Good technical performance.
  • Reduced specific gravity.
  • Successful replacement of lime and cement in a substantial part of
  • Matching the requirements of green public procurement.