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Technical features:

For construction companies and developers constructing residential buildings, who want to include in their offer durable, inexpensive to maintain, passive houses and energy efficient buildings, we offer IZODOM, our innovative comprehensive construction technology. IZODOM allows fast construction of high quality, durable, energy efficient buildings without the need to rent expensive construction equipment or hire additional specialists.

Residential buildings should be durable, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and cheap to maintain. Comfort requires an appropriate microclimate – warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Is it true, that the costs of heating and cooling of such a building must be high? Does the construction have to be long, complicated and expensive?

The answer is IZODOM technology, giving local construction companies the ability to build single-family and multi-storey buildings, in which expenditure on heating and air conditioning can be even ten times lower than in conventional solutions.

Since 1991, IZODOM, present in 34 markets in Europe, Asia and Africa, has developed a complete system  of materials for the construction of foundations, walls, ceilings and roof insulation, which is ideal wherever there are a lack of skilled workers and heavy construction equipment is hard to obtain. Large and lightweight components allow you to carry out construction work up to five times faster than using traditional technology, and training offered by IZODOM is sufficient to begin construction work. A house is created even in 6 weeks

More than19,000 buildings constructed in Germany, France, Scandinavia, Russia and Ukraine are our credentials. In the United Arab Emirates, 3,000 villas were built using our technology and in Morocco – the Palace of the Royal Family, measuring more  10,000 m2 of usable space. The company has building permits and certificates required by the European Union, holds the ISO 9001 certificate, and the Passive House Institute certificate – the most-valued institute in the world when it comes to passive technology and provides a rich collection of information materials for constructors.

We offer you free advice and valuations of your construction projects. We do not impose construction according to our designs, but we adapt our technology to local architecture and weather conditions. For sufficiently large projects, we can establish a local factory of IZODOM products.


Advantages of the technology:

  •  Houses built using IZODOM technology are ten times cheaper in heating
    and air conditioning costs, they are both warm in the winter, and cool in the
  •  Durability of buildings is estimated at more than 100 years.
  •  Homes are fit for seismic zones, up to 6 on the Richter scale.
  •  IZODOM allows local companies to build even five times faster, without
    additional investment in equipment or new professionals.