Artificial kidney for the environment

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Technical features:

For private and public institutions owning or managing water reservoirs and needing to improve water quality, we offer a technology called an “artificial kidney for the environment” that brings together aerators with complimentary methods of water reservoir reclamation such as: dispensing chemical compounds, UV lighting, ultrasound and nanotechnology with titanium dioxide and silver. Unlike competing solutions, we offer a comprehensive technology that is energy-efficient, portable, and can be applied in various types of water reservoirs.

The “artificial kidney for the environment” is an aeration system combined with tested technologies for the reclamation of lakes. Depending on external conditions and reclamation methods, the technological solution can be applied in stationary, floating or mobile mode. The unit collects water from the deepest portions of the reservoir (up to 500 m), and then de-gases and aerates the deepest-level waters flowing into the artificial kidney. The unit also makes use of additional methods improving the functioning of the ecosystem, such as ultrasound disintegration, magnetic separation and inactivation of biogenic compounds using next-generation coagulants, and nanotechnology (titanium dioxide + UV).

This innovative device for the reclamation of lakes came about thanks to the involvement of specialists from POLIMAT EKO and scientists from the Koszalin University of Technology, the Warmińsko-Mazurski University and the Jagellonian University. A portable unit has been constructed that is characterised by a minimal level of interference to the natural environment, applying simultaneously several reclamation methods simultaneously in order to shorten the process of aquifer revitalization. Preliminary testing results demonstrate a constant trend of improvement in water quality and transformations in the composition of the biogenic load, primarily phosphorus, deposited in ground sediment in a biologically inert form. Results from the winter period, which was accompanied by a long period of deep freeze, are also encouraging. The artificial kidney for the environment is in operation at lakes in the provinces of Western Pomerania and Warmia-Masury. The company plans to expand the use of the technology both domestically and abroad.

Advantages of the technology:

  • Multifunctionality – applies more then one method of reclamation simultaneously.
  • Wide range of applications – adapts to the conditions and level of pollution
    of the basin.
  • Selective operation – functions in the most polluted places.
  • Easy application – portable unit.
  • High cleaning efficiency – reconstruction of degraded ecosystems.