Synergistic air energy management system in the building

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Technical features:

The Onyx recuperator with an integrated control system is the solution for all owners of single-family houses, apartments and small public buildings, who value high air quality parameters in a room and convenient service system. Unlike conventional ventilation systems based on regenerators, the comprehensive solutions offered by FRAPOL enables easy and precise control of air parameters in a room, as well as control of all devices working with the air treatment system.

The novel Onyx ventilation unit ensures air conditioning comfort to users and minimum primary energy consumption. The recuperator completed with an innovative control system developed by the R&D department of FRAPOL is an ingenious design characterised by the highest energy efficiency available on the market and unusually quiet running. It is the first available on the market smart ventilation system with synergy effect. The system controls all air distribution devices in the building. The current needs of the building are determined on the basis of readings of parameters from the sensors deployed in the building and algorithms hardcoded into the microprocessor. This enables to direct the required amount of air of optimum parameters to the appropriate area and, at the same time, to remove from there the air that does not meet the previously established climate comfort standards.

Over 1000 installations based on the novel system with Onyx unit supply with about half million of cubic meters of fresh air.

The FRAPOL solution is the most often chosen technology among designers of new energy efficient buildings. It was used e.g. in the complex of SKY TOWER buildings in Wroclaw and number of hotels, buildings of the Ministry of the Interior, as well as numerous residential buildings. The uniqueness of the system lies also in the fact that it may be installed in the existing buildings under thermal modernisation investments.

Advantages of the technology:

  •  Universal systems of air parameters monitoring and control in a room.
  •  High efficiency of thermal energy recovery (>90%) and cool air recovery.
  •  Quiet operation and high comfort for the users.
  •  Possibility to control humidity in the room.
  •  System flexibility – it can cooperate with different devices, e.g. sensors, heat
    exchangers, heaters, air coolers, dampers, ventilators, filters, kitchen hoods.