Controller remote control of electrical devices with communication PLC

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Technical features:

For companies, local government authorities, housing co-ops and all others searching for tried and tested solutions offering
significant reductions in the costs of lighting streets, parks, car parks, etc. we offer a remote-controlled intelligent lighting control system. Unlike similar offers from the competition, we offer full remote control of every lamp via the Internet and an indication of its current active and passive energy use along with malfunction detectors tried and; thanks to the use of communication over an existing electricity network (the LonWorks PLC European standard) and simple installation, our systems make it possible to introduce significant cost savings with relatively low investment costs.

The intelligent street lighting control system enables the direction and control of individual lamps via the Internet. The operator has access to a simple system for turning on/off each individual lamp or reducing its output, either manually through a web page or automatically via a pre-programmed algorithm. The manner of control can be specified according to conditions and location,
independently for different groups of lamps, or even for individual lamps in a given circuit. Communication between lamps takes place over the existing electricity network (the LonWorks PLC European standard), eliminating the need to set up additional communication lines. The system monitors the functioning of lamps in real time and the operator can be informed immediately of outages, opening of housings, etc. by such means as SMS.

Intelligent control technology using communication from LonWorks PLC is mainly applied for street lighting systems. With our GLC system it is possible to achieve significant savings in energy use as well as reductions in CO2 emissions. It is also made easier to manage lighting networks, as the operator is informed on a continous basis of the condition of lighting and of malfunctions. Examples of such installations operating in Oslo and around Paris demonstrate that savings can reach as much as 70%, and reaction time to outages can be reduced to a few hours. Our products based on this technology also function in other installations. One example is that of systems in use for heating cars at car parks in Sweden, where the use of our solutions has contributed to rationalization of energy use and brought large-scale savings.

Advantages of the technology:

  •  Control of individual street lanterns – manual or automatic turning on/off
    of lamps and reduction of their output.
  •  Grouping lamps based on needs and establishing different steering
    algorithms for different groups of lamps (e.g. different algorithms for
    pedestrian crossings and for other lamps).
  •  Monitoring of active and passive electrical energy use by individual
    lamps and groups of lamps, as well as of additional equipment powered
    by the same installation such as holiday season lights; constant metering
    of active and passive power, power and THD coefficients.
  •  Detection of proper lamp functioning; in case of a system outage, the
    operator and service crew can be notified of the need to intervene by
    such means as SMS.
  •  Detection of unauthorized opening of lamp casings with notification of
    the appropriate service providers.