The station noise monitoring and environmental conditions ENVIRO 151

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Technical features:

The automatic monitoring station is a solution for all those struggling with the problem of traffic noise.

Unlike other noise measurement systems, we deliver a solution for long-term monitoring with flexible expansion capabilities,
saving time and resources.

The ENVIRO 151 station is intended for permanent and long-term recording of noise level, traffic intensity and environmental conditions: temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction and precipitation. It is also possible to install a measurement unit for air quality parameters. The station can be used as a mobile measurement system installed in a car/on a trailer. It is possible to control the station via all internet browsers. Measurement data can be downloaded directly from the station as well as from a server, which may be adjusted to automatic downloading, storage and distribution of data from several measurement stations constituting a monitoring network on a given area.

The ENVIRO 151 has received an award at the International Trade Fair of Municipal and Road Infrastructure in Warsaw and the POLEKO International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection in Poznań. The technology has been implemented e.g. in several big cities in Poland: Kielce, Wrocław, Gdańsk and under projects implemented in the Czech Republic e.g. smart traffic management at road reconstruction points.

Advantages of the technology:

  • The station rapidly identifies cases of exceeded standards and correlates
    them with the so far collected data via a controller built-in the station.
  • Internet service – saves time and full automation of measurements thereby
    replacing the former manual data collection techniques, such as counting
  • It is unnecessary to purchase and install additional software.
  • The station can be powered by different sources, also connected with solar
  • Simple and intuitive station software handling.
  • Compatibility with most of the measurement devices.