Rekuperator NIKOL

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Technical features:

The NIKOL heat recovery ventilation unit is a solution for all those building or renovating buildings who want to significantly
reduce the cost of heating or air conditioning and get rid of problems resulting from the absence or ill-functioning ventilation system. As opposed to natural or other simple ventilation systems, we offer a device that allows you to significantly reduce the cost of heating or air conditioning and ensure efficient and user-friendly ventilation.

The NIKOL HRV is a patented solution enabling efficient ventilation of buildings and very high (up to 96%) heat recovery from extracted air. This is possible owing to the use of a spiral countercurrent heat exchanger that has at least several times greater heat exchange surface than other units on the market. As the first producer on the market we have introduced energy efficient and effective EC ventilators as a standard, as they significantly reduce the device maintenance costs. Each NIKOL unit is equipped with an automatic by-pass enabling to circumvent the exchanger in summer.

It is possible to control the ventilation unit via a mobile phone, laptop and from the level of a smart home with the use of MODBUS communication protocol.

A complementary part of the unit is an electronic controller with a weekly programme, which optimizes functioning of the device and reduces energy consumption. Moreover a device has two EU4 class filters cleaning the blown-in air from pollutants. The NIKOL ventilation unit does not use initial electric heaters thereby the costs of maintenance is significantly reduced.

Advantages of the technology:

  •  The use of spiral countercurrent heat exchanger with a very large active
    surface enables heat recovery at a level of up to 96%.
  •  High heat recovery efficiency – heat exchanger made entirely of aluminium.
  •  Low costs of heating and devices maintenance.
  •  Constant inflow of fresh air free of allergens and pollutants.
  •  Elimination of excess humidity and odours from the rooms.
  •  Elimination of draughts and street noise.