Production of the water turbine type Kaplan

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Technical features:

HYDROERGIA specializes in designing and creating customized solutions for every kind of Small Hydro Power project, thus allowing the most efficient use of any watercourse. Each turbine we manufacture has individually designed rotor blades, in order to achieve the highest production level of green energy.

Kaplan turbines are double-regulated by both rotor blade and directing blade angles. The turbine wheel is individually designed to match the parameters of a given hydrological location. Each turbine has a fully automated control panel, set to achieve the maximum instantaneous power as a function of flow. The range of operation is between 20 – 100% of the installed discharge of water – which makes the proposed structures very efficient in a wide range of flow

We offer solutions with Kaplan’s turbines in any configuration – fit for every Small Hydro Power facility. HYDROERGIA is also involved in modernization of existing turbines in the following extent:
• replacement or refurbishment of the rotor, based on the analysis
of turbine’s hydraulics and the use of numerical methods for optimizing
the shape of rotor blades
• refurbishment of the steering mechanism in order to increase the power
output by refurbishing the directing blade’ surfaces and installing
automatic regulation of the directing blade angle
• replacement of a belt drive with a high-performance drive
• replacement of the generator and electrical system, to meet higher
standards of performance and safety
• addition of a suction pipe, enabling the recovery of kinetic energy
• addition of a purpose designed automated control system, to increase
the momentary power of the device, compensating for watercourse flow

Advantages of the technology:

  • Individual analysis of a watercourse
  • Personalized design of turbine blades.
  • High efficiency and ergonomic operation of turbine and power plant.
  • Lower operating costs of power plant.
  • Comprehensive services for your investment project.