Biomass burner with mixer

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Technical features:

For individual customers and companies which would like to cut their heating costs and reduce their CO2 emissions, we offer a burner for biomass, which can be simply and quickly mounted at practically any type of traditionally applied boilers. In contrast to other solutions of this type, due to overpressured combustion and a patented system of fuel mixing in the furnace chamber, our burner is safe and practically maintenance free, even when using low-quality pellets.

PellasX burners for biomass are the highest quality and technologically most advanced solutions available on the market. The fuel in the burner is biomass in the form of pellets, oats or pits. An advantage of our solution is that there is no need to make expensive changes to the existing installation and that the burner can be mounted at any type of boiler – using oil, gas or solid fuel. In addition, the burner is distinguished by the smooth adjustment of settings and automatic ignition, as well as the sustaining of fire after the predetermined temperature has been reached and the feeding of fuel.

The solutions applied in PellasX burners are unique. We use the overpressured combustion technology which eliminates the backburning problem. The patented system of fuel mixing in the furnace chamber extends the time of maintenance free operation. A broadband Lambda sensor is available in all the models, improving the combustion process and reducing the fuel
consumption. All the burners are made of heat and acid resistant steel and equipped with the best parts available on the market, allowing for the sales of a product with the highest quality and technology.

Due to a large power range of PellasX burners for biomass (from 5 kW to 500 kW), they can be applied at both households, bakeries, hotels, public utilities, schools and production halls or warehouses.

Advantages of the technology:

  • Safe operation of the burner, due to the application of the overpressured
    combustion technology.
  • No risk of backburning.
  • Reliable operation of the device, due to automated ignition process, flame
    control and cleaning.
  • Modern control system.
  • The possibility of controlling the combustion process using a broadband
    Lambda sensor.
  • CO and CO2 emission reductions compared with the heating solutions
    which are traditionally applied on the market.