LMS - Logic Managing System

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Technical features:

The LMS system allows utility providers, building managers, developers and owners of houses, apartments, commercial and public buildings to save energy. Thanks to wireless communication, it enables remote retrieval of data and thus reduces costs.

LMS opens a window to the world of intelligent and green automation. It uses miniature wireless controllers, which can be mounted in equipment responsible for controlling heating, lighting, alarm systems or fire alarm systems, as well as water meters, gas meters, etc. Devices with LMS controllers gain in functionality and energy efficiency through intelligent measurement and control. Transmitter modules have low power consumption, and a single lithium battery is enough for even 20 years of operation.

LMS may be used in many applications. The system provides remote control functionality not only to the building owners, but also to service providers such as gasworks, energy suppliers or waterworks. The added value of the system is the possibility of its continuous development. This involves constant refinement of software and development of new elements depending on
the area of application and the needs of individual clients.

LMS is used, for example, to control heating devices – the system module reads the status of individual devices, such as window handles, and decides whether to turn on or turn off the heating, air conditioning, or temperature control.

LARS operates since 1985. Thanks to its experience, industry knowledge, and willingness to continuously improve and meet customer requirements, it creates solutions, which make residential and commercial buildings more intelligent, comfortable and eco-friendly.

Advantages of the technology:

  •  Reliability – openness, stability, long range, and encrypted data transmission.
  •  Innovation – intelligent controllers with continuously improving functionality
    and possible applications.
  •  Ecological – low energy consumption and up to 20 years of work on a single